Pickaway County is Central Ohio’s next frontier to expand or locate your business.
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With a current population of over 58,000, Pickaway County is poised to grow upwards of 16,000 residents by the year 2030. The area has a rural character and work ethic but has all the comforts of being situated in a large metropolitan area.
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Pickaway County is centrally located in the state of Ohio and has a well-developed transportation and utility infrastructure system with adequate capacities to accommodate most industrial and business needs.
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P3 is your local business resource for Pickaway County and are able to provide:

  • Confidential and custom site location assistance
  • Introductions to professional service providers
  • Assistance through the bureaucratic process for your business
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Easy access to the rapidly growing Columbus Region and the majority of the US and Canadian population.
Pickaway County has an array of sites to accommodate the full spectrum of development possibilities.
With over 1 million people in the workforce and over 60 institutions of higher education in the Columbus Region, there is a workforce solution for your project in Pickaway County.