Pickaway County is Central Ohio’s next frontier to expand or locate your business. As a part of the Columbus Region, we are strategically located in one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the Midwest.
(Source: US Census Bureau 2020)

We are a rural community with one foot in Appalachia Ohio and the other in the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).  This provides Pickaway County with the unique opportunity to have a large labor pool with a variety of workforce opportunities.

Depending on your location you can reach us by air, land, rail, or road.  We have to access to 47% of the United States population in a 10 hour drive due to the proximity to Ohio's major highway and interstate systems, access to two major railroads (CSX and Norfolk Southern) as well as having Rickenbacker International Airport less than a mile from the Pickaway County border.   

Manufacturing and agriculture have historically been major contributors to Pickaway County's economic base and continue to be today.  Manufacturers employed over 1,767 people in 2019 and represent 14.9% of the private sector employment in our county.
(Source: Ohio Labor Market Information, 2021)

Being part of the Foreign Trade Zone #138 is a benefit to most of our manufacturing and logistics operations.

Agriculture remains an important component of the County's economy as more than 92% of the county is farmland.  Pickaway County ranks 11th in Ohio for the production of corn, soybeans, and wheat.
(Source: USDA, National Ag. Stats Service-Ohio Annual Bulletin, December 2023)

Production agriculture has remained strong, due in part to a community that appreciates the rural, hometown atmosphere.  We continue to educate our youth about agriculture and their food source and have great support for the industry through many organizations including Pickaway County Farm Bureau and OSU Extension.
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